Why doesn’t my phone vibrate?

Some phones don’t have the necessary hardware or it’s not working properly.


Go to Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> enable both options on Vibration and System vibration at the bottom of the page.

Go to Accessibility -> Touch -> enable Vibration

Why doesn’t my phone vibrate constantly?

Some phones only have the ability to vibrate once.

Why doesn’t my phone show the intensity or sharpness feature?

The app shows these features when the device can use them.

This helps you have a good experience.

Why is the intensity or sharpness not working on my phone?

These features are usually displayed on those phones that can use them. If they’re displayed and don’t work or don’t work as they should, then the necessary hardware isn’t working properly.

Real time vibration

Is personal data shared?

Not at all. No personal or non-personal data is collected and less shared.

Can someone else vibrate my phone?

No, only the person who created the room and the first person to connect can interact in that room.

I accidentally left the room in the middle of a session, what can I do?

If this happens to you, you can recreate a new room and ask the other person to reconnect.

How many rooms can I create?

The ones you need.

Why does the other phone take time to vibrate?

The internet speed of both can affect the result.

You don’t need a lot of speed, although keep in mind that the better your connection, the better your experience.

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